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Isolde de Ely

collector of things rare and wonderous

Isolde de Ely (Melissa)
13 April 1972
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Updated 9/14/13

My name is Melissa. Maybe we have crossed paths in person, through everyday life. Perhaps, at a convention. Or maybe just here in my journal - anyways, welcome!

I am female, polyamorous and colorful. I tend to be quiet until I know you and then come out of my shell. I do tech support for an ISP - which I guess would make me corporate evil. Oh well....

I am chaotic, colorful, loving and odd. I try too hard to make friends and often put my foot in my mouth. I hope I will someday outgrow that trait. I am geeky, and love books and RPGS, Larps, and renn faires. I love costumes and corsets. I am a Wench - IWG 3123, to be exact. I am curious, love cats and backrubs. I am a Lab Rabbit (or Mad Lab Tech) for Looney Lab games - generally attending the Origins conventions, rarely Gencon, and whenever possible, Conglomeration :)

My hair is naturally a mousy grey brown, with grey which I have had since 16. It is also long, just past my waist. I have been red haired, purple, last year, which faded into my hair that someone labeled as sunset. I love the description - I hope I can somehow get my roots to match. I am plus sized - I do feel I need to lose weight, but unfortunately, healthy food is more expensive. I will do my best and try to work out at our work Gym more. I so wish I had a pool :)

Cast and Crew
isolde_deely is me! *** cat - Desi/Odysseus
foxwit my lovely husband 12/12/93 *** cat - Sombra
***cat - Reinheart belongs to both :)
awfulhorrid is my sweetheart LDR 4/6/08 (cats Kiki, Lorenzo, Tybalt)


My Rabbit Wiki (so far - I'm still learning)